Architects and Designers, Designing Dreams and Building Them into Reality

Architectural Design

The numerous buildings and tenements we see across the world today, at some point were the figment of somebody’s imagination. These ingenious souls are the visionaries that can envision an entire structure in their minds, draw it on to their papers and then help builders make it into reality. It is the most literal manifestation of realization of dreams.

To bring an edifice to life requires the skills and input of many individuals including an Architect, designers and many others. They work as a cohesive symbiotic unit that feed off of each other’s creativity and expertise to create a monument that will provide shelter, comfort and protection from the vagaries of weather, climate and time itself.

The foremost step to the completion of this task is building planning. Planning has to first of all be permitted by the governing bodies of a municipality. Once the plan is made it is submitted for ratification and then the permission for building is procured. Even before any of this can be done the architect, designers and the rest of the team need to ensure that the many facets of constructing any building are carefully and closely planned.

Detailed and scaled drawings are made. Blueprints that are to be followed by engineers and builders are made in the most stringent fashion to ensure that when the building is constructed it does not turn out lopsided (unless it is intentional!) Most Architects take their cues from ancient structures like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Aztec civilization. The ancient architects of those mammoth structures managed to design them to near perfection whereas even the slightest deviation in scale would have never produced such geometrically accurate structures as we see today.

As any architect, designer or builder will attest, the building planning phase is without doubt crucial to the completion of any such undertaking. Having professionals whose work speaks for itself is a reassurance that each of us could very well do with.

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